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Seed Pendant. 
Measuring approximately 4.2cm x 4.1cm, this weighty pendant is made of solid Sterling Silver.  It has several 28 small 'seeds' in the centre, also made from Sterling Silver.


I've then oxidised the front, giving it the black finish, then filed and polished the 'seeds' to make them stand out.  


The edges are smooth and polished and the back is completely smooth, with a matte finish.  

The pendant hangs on a long Sterling Silver link chain, with a handmade clasp at the back of the neck.


It's a fabulous statement piece!  You could wear it either way round and it would still look good!

Please note that the hallmark is on the clasp, which is soldered to the chain.


This pendant is unique and I only have 1 for sale!

Sterling Silver Seed Pendant

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