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  • Gently and carefully clean as much as you can using water and soap

  • An old soft bristle toothbrush is useful to get into those hard-to-reach spaces

    • Be really careful not to use anything rough or abrasive though, which will mark the metal and any stones​

  • Cotton buds are also helpful too, but be careful not to push too hard into small spaces as you may leave some cotton behind

  • Make sure you dry the jewellery thoroughly after using water (leave to dry naturally, upside down, if you're cleaning a stone-set piece)

Polishing Cloth photo.jpg
  • Invest in a really, really good cleaning cloth

    • I recommend an anti-tarnish cloth, such as Town Talk (no affiliation)​

  • Silver dip is useful for pieces that are entirely made of sterling silver

    • Please don't dip any pieces that contain other metals or stones!​

  • Try not to touch the jewellery too much (I know it's hard, especially with really tactile pieces!) - you'll just need to polish more frequently if you do!

  • Sadly, all silver will tarnish at some point, but storing your jewellery properly should help to prolong it's shiny life

  • When you aren't wearing your jewellery, try to store it away from light and in an air-tight container, if possible

  • Acid-free tissue paper is good for separating pieces, if they don't have their own bag/box 

  • Another good tip is to keep those little sachets that come in some boxes to draw moisture away (usually in shoe boxes)

    • I keep all these and lay them alongside my silver jewellery, which helps keep tarnish at bay for longer​